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Welcome to BiO Reporter International

 Organic. network. worldwide. 

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The international organic movement has been working for over 50 years on holistic solutions for an ecological transformation of the agriculture and food sector. The system is proven and successful on all continents. The rules of the sector are linked to values and respect for nature and its cycles.

This is essential and leading the way in the current time of rapid

climate change. The necessity of an ecological transformation is now also acknowledged by politics, industry and society. 

There are great organic projects and organic companies all over the world. I have made it my mission to introduce experienced organic pioneers, the young organic generation and exciting people and companies who are committed to the ideals of the organic movement.

I also campaign for important issues in the organic sector, report from events, conduct interviews and try to network with players. 

With #BiOWebinars, BiO Reporter International wants to support the organic movement worldwide and offer a platform in cooperation with organisers, associations and organic companies to stay connected, inform and collaborate with the relevant community. 

B i O Be in Organic is my mission.

Discover organic worldwide
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