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There are so many inspired organic entrepreneurs working all over the world, but they are often overlooked by the mainstream media. 


Now, you can join me on my travels as I meet both experienced organic pioneers, as well as a whole new generation with bold ideas committed to the ideals of the expanding organic movement.


NEWS: As travel is difficult due to the Corona pandemic, the BiO Reporter International Team

now offers #BiOWebinaries in its portfolio. Together with Sundeep Kamath from India, I organize tailor-made webinars for the organic industry. #organicwebinars 


With #BiOWebinaries, we at BiO Reporter International would like to support the organic movement worldwide and, in cooperation with event organisers, associations and organic companies, offer a professional platform to stay in touch, inform and collaborate with the relevant community. 

Best wishes from BiO Reporter Team

Karin Heinze & Sundeep Kamath 

B i O Be in Organic is our mission.

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