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Organic in South Africa - All about Organic Buchu & Rooibos

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The organic tea farm and company Skimmelberg is located not far from the "Rooibos" capital Clanwilliam. The name comes from one of the mountains that surrounds the farm of family Slabbert. Years ago they decided to stop spraying pesticides and started organic farming of their tea fields. There are around 25 hectares of Buchu, variety Betulina and a bit less Rooibos.

The Buchu variety Agathosma Betulina contains the most oil and is cultivated by Skimmelberg farm. Betulina is also the prefered variety for teas, the health, flavor and perfume industry. In the past Buchu oil was mainly used for flavoring black currant juice or ice cream and also in the fragrance industry, especially in France.

The Buchu plant with its healthy power in the foreground.

The many health properties of Buchu

In the last 5 to 7 years the health industry really picked up, Maria told us. Their own company Buchu Life takes the oil from the extraction and makes pills and other health and wellness products. Buchu can lower blood pressure and the blood sugar level. It also is diuretic, antibacterial, a detox, but important and most of all - it is anti-inflammatory, says. Maria. For the tea and oil destillation the whole plant is harvested. "We are very passionate about our Buchu", Maria expressed.

Dried Buchu leaves for tea.

Skimmelberg farm also harvests its own Buchu seeds.

Selection of Skimmelberg Organic Teas for tea tasting at the show room.

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