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Biofach/Vivaness 2024: Four days of international organic diversity and informative dialogue

The organic sector is preparing for Biofach and Vivaness. The countdown is on for the world's leading organic food trade fair and natural cosmetics trade fair, from 13-16 February 2024 in the halls of the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. Exhibitors and visitors can expect a diverse programme with the common goal of shaping the future sustainably, exchanging innovative solutions, discovering new things and being inspired. The main theme, "Food for the Future: The transformative and formative power of women in the food sector and their role for a more sustainable future of the food system", is reflected in many congress contributions. The preview provides an overview of important topics, trade fair highlights and programme items at the congress.

Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, centre entrance to Biofach and Vivaness (Photo Karin Heinze)

The future is female

"The future is female," explains Tina Andres with conviction. After all, "highly motivated and creative women are changing the future of food and agriculture sustainably," says the organic entrepreneur (EVG Landwege) and Chairwoman of the Board of the German Organic Farming Association (BÖLW). The congress focuses on making women in food and agriculture visible: "Women who are independent and indispensable as change agents, key players and role models for transformation." Organic is already pioneering in developing holistic, economic solutions along the organic value chain to tackle the urgently needed social, political and intergenerational change, says Andres.

Change Agents: BÖLW-Board member Tina Andres (li) and Karen Mapusua, President of IFOAM Organics International

Rethinking agriculture and the economy

The OECD points out that "promoting gender equality can have a positive impact on the triple challenge of food systems, which is to ensure food security and nutrition for a growing population, to secure the livelihoods of millions of people working in the food supply chain, and to do so in an environmentally sustainable way." US economist Kate Raworth also challenges conventional economic theories with her doughnut model. She argues in favour of satisfying the needs of life within planetary boundaries and also includes human well-being. The aim is to move towards an economy that is regenerative and distribution-orientated.

Karen Mapusua, President, IFOAM - Organics International and Kate Raworth recognise the absolute necessity and great advantages of living gender equality. Haworth demands: "Women must be involved in decision-making processes so that the sector can benefit from their knowledge and expertise. This is where organic can be ahead of the curve by utilising the full potential of women - from seed preservation to the preservation of traditional agricultural knowledge to business management - while striving for fairness for all." Karen Mapusua adds: "Equal opportunities are not enough! People have different starting points, so true inclusion and belonging require equal action." Organic farming plays a central role in shaping sustainable food systems. "It can also play a leading role in ensuring that agriculture becomes more inclusive and recognises and values all forms of diversity. In this way, we can ensure that we can sustainably feed and employ future generations and finally put an end to business as usual."

Biofach Vivaness 2023 - A review (Video by Karin Heinze, BiO Reporter International)

Innovations and trends

The innovations stands (3A-537 and 3C-072) are once again the meeting point for anyone who wants to get an overview of the many new developments in the food and natural cosmetics sector. Visitors can vote for their favourite products for the Best New Product Award. Long before the official start of Biofach, experts in the trend jury have already been working on overarching industry trends and product trends and have summarised these in categories.

Industry trends


We are seeing the beginning of a transformation of the agricultural system away from the exploitation of the planet towards the revitalisation of nature. The focus on holistically conceived, circular systems is of central importance here. In the course of growing efforts to protect the climate, regenerative agriculture based on organic farming is experiencing an upswing.

Personal and Planetary Health

Individual health is becoming an important topic. However, it is not viewed in isolation, but with a view to the health of the planet. This movement can be observed above all in the growing, young generation, which is increasingly focussing on healthy, climate-friendly food. The Planetary Health Diet and the increasingly widespread vegan diet play an important role here. At the same time, older generations are redefining the topic of ageing by prioritising the extension of healthy years through a conscious and balanced diet.

Product/trade fair trends

Sweet Soul Food: Indulgent feasting under the banner of responsible organic nutrition. From drinks to ice cream and desserts - the trend is delighting those with a sweet tooth in all situations. A large part of the diverse product range focuses on flavourful vegan and plant-based alternatives to tried-and-tested classics. Examples: Hakuma| Organic Caffé L^tte (vegan iced coffee), Lini'sBites|Vegan ice cream bars, LaLémance|Crèmebrûlée or UDEA | Ice Cream Factory | Ice cream cake vanilla caramel walnut biscuit dough.

Transparency: Consumers' awareness and desire for more transparency and traceability in the value chain is constantly increasing. The focus here is on the disclosure of animal husbandry standards as well as the origin and production method of products. The debate about genetic engineering and personal freedom of choice remains a hot topic here. Examples: Aurora kaas| Mama Kuh Demeter Gouda, Followfood| organic chocolate, cocoa and cashew butter, vegan, BAVARIERAlpenbiometzgerei | Bavarian organic sausage and ham products, Conflictfood | organic saffron from Afghanistan.

Mushroom Mania: Mushrooms - The little wonders of nature impress with their consistency and variety of flavours and can be used in many different culinary ways. They contain high-quality protein, carbohydrates, fibre and minerals. They can be used to satisfy all cravings, from flavourful, protein-rich meat substitutes to trendy superfood drinks with medicinal mushrooms. Product examples: Neuburger Fleischlos | Hermann.Bio | Fungi Pad, goodmoodfood | Vital Mushroom Cocoa - Rise Up & Shine, Iconic Drinks, Blue Farm | Chagaccino, Biovegan | My vegan bacon substitute made from mushrooms

Clear-Headed Joy: The consumption of alcohol is increasingly being perceived as harmful to health. Being sober is becoming a health-conscious lifestyle that is fun and varied. This is leading to an increase in demand for alternatives that imitate alcoholic drinks and are just as appealing and grown-up in flavour as wine, beer and spirits. Toast and celebrate with a clear head! Product examples: Dschinn | VENEZERO Aperitivo Spritz Alkoholfrei, NeumarkterLammsbräu | Naturtrübalkoholfrei, SPARKTEEZ | Tee mit Kohlensäure ohne Alkohol (Fruchtsecco), Feral | Menübegleitendealkoholfreie Getränke.

Novelties Vivaness 2023 (Foto: Karin Heinze)

Vivaness Trends

Industry trends

"Lifestyle & Identity": The natural cosmetics industry aims to honour diversity and offer innovative, individual and needs-oriented solutions that include people of all genders, cultures and stages of life.

"Be Community": The trend describes how the formation of communities builds bridges between brands and their customers as well as between brands and retailers. Let's be stronger together!

Product trends

"Fresh around the Clock": The trend reflects a wide range of natural deodorants, from sprays, creams, roll-ons and powders.

"Sensory Beauty": Turning the beauty routine into an experience and supporting not only external beauty but also personal well-being with a wide range of haptic and sensory experiences in the form of fragrances and textures.

"Empower your Beauty": The trend is dedicated to the growing range of decorative natural cosmetics that impress with their strong performance.

Proven and new

30 German start-ups will be presenting their products at the subsidised "Young Innovators" joint stand (9-614). New: An area especially for international start-ups and young, innovative companies 'International Newcomers & Start-ups' (3A-636)

Also new: the special format Treffpunkt HoReCa - GV & Gastro (3A-228) with its congress forum, communication areas, an organic restaurant with seating and table-top presentations as well as a digital exhibitor guide.

The tried-and-tested Fachhandelszerntrum / specialised trade meeting point (9-350) is the central point of contact for people from the specialised retail trade and health food stores. Current issues will be addressed and discussed at the Specialist Retail Forum.

The Meetingpoint BIO in the SEH (8-113) is a meeting point for independent food retailers with product and brand logo presentations for dialogue and presentations on the marketplace and in the expert lounge.

Under the motto Future needs a network, interested parties can find out about training and further education and relevant research topics in the special area designed by Kugler & Rosenberger.

Vegan world of experience (4-100) AöL and VegOrganic make the advantages of vegan organic nutrition visible. A variety of products to taste as well as keynote speeches and panel discussions. The Olive Oil Experience (4-157) is back with its range of products for discovery and dialogue.

Organic associations offer space to meet and exchange ideas (Photo: Karin Heinze)

Meeting Point Initiatives & NGOs: Non-governmental organisations and industry initiatives make a valuable contribution to the common good of our society. Projects from various subject areas such as politics, agriculture, animal welfare, fair, regional or consumer and climate protection are presented in the area.

SustainableFutureLabs: interactive, co-creative and future-orientated

From Tuesday to Thursday, SustainableFutureLabs offers four different events on six dates as a new format. All SustainableFutureLabs events are organised together with partners, with BIOFACH as co-host.

IFOAM EU Business Talks: "Organic Insights 2024: "Shaping the future of sustainable business" (13/02/2024)

GOOD FOOD COLLECTIVE x BIOFACH: Future Perspectives (3 events on 14 and 15 February 2024)




NextGenerationBio with iniciato:

Cloud Dating (of the generations) (in the exhibition halls and on 14 February 2024 in the SustainableFutureLab)

"Everyone has it in them! How corporate culture drives change"

presented by modem conclusa. (15.02.2024)

A compilation by Karin Heinze

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